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Hate your friends hate the way they talk
Thought tonight was only gonna be us
Hints I give seem to bounce right off
They won’t leave I give up

Then I see it in the distance
A ray of light on the worst night ever
One more shot for me to fix this 
Spin the wheel, like to steal a few kisses 

We’ll be the carnival gods
Up up make out in the dark
get stuck we’re reaching the top
Slice of heaven in the parking lot
Cut the line, going high 
Our friends are falling behind
We’ll be the carnival gods
I hope this ride never stops

They all hate it when we run ahead
The way I’m taking the attention off them
biggest problem with the ones in your crowd
They can’t read: keep out

Then I see it in the distance
A chance to get a better view of this town
Gonna spend all of our tickets 
Let’s you and me go one more round

OH they want to go home
They’re never that fun
But you and I we’re not done yet

the clowns are upset 
They’re all in your head
C’mon Let’s ride this ride again