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Caesar Live N’ Loud 
“[…]a warm, melancholia-infused blend of soulful, jazzy alt-pop music.”

A&R Factory
“Leah Jean delivered an indie-jazz meditation in vulnerability and cathartic melody.” 

Music Mecca
“With over ten years of jazz guitar training and a penchant for indie bedroom pop production, Leah Jean harnesses a one-of-a-kind sound.”  

The Wild Is Calling 
“Like a tour through her skeleton filled closet, Jean takes off the makeup. What’s beneath is beautiful and exhilarating.”

Alchemical Records
“[‘Creatures In The Room’] is all at once mesmerizing and triumphant, showcasing Jean’s strong musicianship as a jazz guitarist and lyrical depth as a songwriter.” 

Father Daughter Records 

“Beautifully nostalgic, ‘Ohio’ is a story song that makes me feel all the things. Leah’s vocals are effortless and the production is what indie-folk dreams are made of. It’s a 10/10 for me!” - Allison Mahal (IVPR)

Underground Music Collective 
“Not all songs come together quickly. Sometimes, they take years to complete. That wasn’t the case with Leah Jean’s new single, “Ohio,” just released on Monday. The Dayton-area native recalls a quick and easy writing process for this lush indie folk offering, inspired by one of her favorite artists.” - Gerard Longo (UMC Founder)

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