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Runaways is about two unlikely teenagers who fall in love over the shared misery of their lives. Pushed to their brink they run away, find comfort in each other, and develop a dangerous pact. Since the record is a loosely based concept record the single is the climax of the record highlighting the struggles of trying to break free. Running away can't fix their internal issues that were developed from the environment they grew up in.


Glaze is a song about deception. It is the introduction to The Simulation. It’s the viewpoint of a very manipulative character trying to convince the listener to trust them, tell them their secrets, and confine all of themselves to the character. It is a commentary on the false promises and cheap talk the people in power create to their followers. The song was the last song written for The Simulation but really kickstarted the idea of making this a themed record. The sinister dark vibes are met with chilling production and slithering vocals. A change of pace for the band but yet again the song is from a different point of view.  


The Simulation is about searching for answers on why the Youth of America have growing anarchy or struggle with depression. "Hurt Me" is showcasing the lowest point of a person's life. They are blaming themselves for everything that has brought them to this point. We had this song in our back pocket for a long time. I wrote the lyrics in a time where I felt cornered. It felt like there wasn't anywhere to run and it was harder to breathe. As the lead vocalist of the band it feels like I am constantly fighting two versions of me. Someone who feels larger than life and another who believes he's a fraud. This song felt like a moment of relief. I was able to get so much off my chest. I know I'm not alone in feeling this way but it's easier said than done. "Hurt Me" is probably a private diary entry that shouldn't have been released but I would be lying to everyone if I told them our lives are as perfect as they look on instagram. 


"Nobody" highlights the dangers of extreme nationalism. We can not move forward if we are blind to things we refuse to see. The villain of The Simulation tries to manipulate you into believing that you can not leave because there is nothing better out there. They want you to be blindly loyal. We wrote this in the height of the world changing. It felt like people made excuses for others because they were on the same team. You can only grow if you spread your wings. Great minds don't think alike.

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