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SoundVapors New Listen: Spirits Republic - "On & Bound"

The Nashville based Alternative Rock trio – Spirits Republic have released their third single of 2020.  “On & Bound” is one part thump, one part groove, one part attack mode and the last part melodic.  While this combination of parts doesn’t always play together nicely, the sum is a nice blend of sounds that take you through a couple of different emotions.

I’ll sometime make comparisons to other artists just as a point of reference but I try not to do often.  However, I would have to punch myself in the face if I didn’t mention the Flea/Claypool vibe that hits you right at the beginning from bassist Ricky Demeo.  From there you are whisked away to a dreamlike state with those creamy guitars after the swift picking by guitarist and vocalist Russell Somer.  To round out the sound is drummer Perry Dornbush.  I very much liked the sound of his drums in the mix.  The hats are smooth and you can really hear the tone of his snare drum. 

The track has some real nice shots of adrenaline throughout the song.  Just when you think you’ve got the songs already unique timing down – you run into a few killer changes.  See 2:54.  Oh and if you wanted to hear what a good drum mix sounds like, that I mentioned earlier – you’ll find it there.  Hell let me say it.  The bassline is sick and the guitar tone during those parts like the outro..  is bitchin’.

Go get some.

-Tommy Marz

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