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We Own This Town: Sarah Saturday (Gardening, Not Architecture) - "Like You"

by Michael Eades | 07.07.23

Over on Instagram, Gardening, Not Architecture (aka Sarah Saturday) recently revealed that they were the recipient of the TN Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship for 2024. If you’re not familiar with the fellowship, it’s a conduit for the government to enable artists across a variety of categories such as Visual Arts, Media, Dance, Music, Theater, Interdisciplinary Performing Arts and more. If you’re unfamiliar with the works of Gardening, Not Architecture, I can enthusiastically inform you that she manages to create art in every single one of those categories; exemplified by her latest multimedia show Voyage.

Combining live music, pre-recorded short films (with collaborator Dycee Wildman), choreography (by Joi Ware), spoken word and more, Voyage has a little bit of everything all woven together as a singular piece. GNA will perform the entire experience at the Darkhorse Theater on August 3rd through the 5th and we highly recommend attending. We were fortunate enough to catch a pre-show exhibition of the show and can confirm it is a compelling sight worth seeing.

Along with the live performances in August, the accompanying album – Voyage – will be released on August 4th. The seven tracks contained on the release are a prominent element of the live show but stand on their own as a collection of infectious, vulnerable, pop songs. The latest single, “Like You,” opens as a sparse and hypnotic rumination before unfurling into a cathartic and joyous dance anthem (with just a pinch of melancholy). The accompanying video, taken from Voyage, captures GNA in a single shot running towards the camera, dropping her burdensome coat and exhaustively sparkling in her newly revealed jumpsuit. It’s an excellent slice of the entirety of Voyage because the metaphor clearly works on it own but takes on greater meaning within the context of the whole.

The work involved to put together an album, a series of short films and a choreographed routine that all works together seamlessly is difficult to comprehend but GNA has executed an impressive confluence of crafts. Get your tickets to Voyage, listen to the latest single and follow along on Instagram. The 2024 fellowship will fuel the fires of the next project but, fortunate for us, there’s a ton of GNA to indulge in right now.


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