"We loved working with Natalie! She was very professional, responsive and creative with the PR campaign for our debut album release and gave us just the push we needed. Her business sense is top notch and she's created something very special with Lady Savage Management. I wholeheartedly recommend Natalie's work."

— Joselyn Wilkinson, Joselyn & Don (Paintbrush Records)

"[...]a true asset to the Nashville music community. One of a kind service and always a pleasure."

— Mr. Marley Beats (Music Producer/Beat Maker)

“Natalie is the best of the best! Her expertise, patience, professionalism, support, and hustle has meant so much to the ‘Nashville Is Not Just Country Music’ brand. She takes ownership and has an immediate impact. And most of all, she gets results. It has been a pure joy working with Natalie. I definitely recommend Lady Savage MGMT & PR.”

— Mimi McCarley, Founder of Collab Music Network, LLC & Partner of Nashville Is Not Just Country Music, LLC

“Natalie has brought fresh ideas into our camp while still sharing in our original vision.  In many ways, Natalie has done more for my career in a year than has been done in the five previous. She has given me personally just the right boost of confidence to continue to grow into this next chapter of my career. She, like me, doesn’t waste time in completing objectives, or on things that don’t serve the goal. What she does keeps me doing what I do. She’s a go getter and a sweet soul all at the same time!”

— Don Pedigo, Americana/Roots-Rock Artist (Damnit Roy Records)

"We love working with Natalie and her clients. Always professional with a very talented roster of artists."

— NasHeathen Radio (Nashville, TN)

"Natalie is one of the sweetest, yet most professionally persistent, PR agents out there. She has been so instrumental in getting our message out to the media and facilitating amazing press opportunities. I sincerely appreciate her, professionally and personally.”

— Thalia Ewing, Founder of Muziqueen Music Publishing, LLC & Nashville Is Not Just Country Music, LLC