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“McCulloch allows her southern roots to shine through in her vocals. […]A real breath of fresh air in these days of country crossover and genre blending.”


“[Sawmiller’s Daughter] combines a modern vibe with a traditional sound, and [McCulloch’s] voice is more than able to convey her finely wrought lyrics.”


" . . . . one of the most memorable debuts in recent Americana music history . . . Strawberry Moon is uniformly genuine and sparkles with palpable emotion." 

" . . . exceptional release and points towards a bright future for Parker, included a new full length release due in 2019, and we can undoubtedly expect her to match or excel the stunning work heard on this collection." 

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"Parker’s immensely human and emotive singing brings fine lyrical content to even more vivid life."

" . . . . Sarah Parker's first recording sets the bar high for any future project . . . . definitely a marquee effort."

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