"My mission is to help independent Artists, Songwriters, and Creative Entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality... In a real-life, cost-effective, get-things-done, artist-friendly, no big flashy gimmicks, kind of way... 

the Lady Savage way."

- Natalie Bailey 


Natalie Bailey is a Brand Manager, Music Publicist, and the Founder/CEO of Lady Savage Management & PR based in Nashville, TN

With over a decade of combined professional experience in the music and public relations industry, she helps her clients by gaining them exposure on a national scale and laying the groundwork for them to position their brand for a legacy of success.


My name is Natalie Bailey. I’m a Brand Manager + Music Publicist based out of Nashville, TN. In 2015, while I was working two day jobs and Booking/Managing an Indie Rock and Roll band full-time, I was told, “You’re a classy lady who takes no $h*t… you’re a savage… a Lady Savage.” 


In 2006, when I was a teenager on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I started my journey as a Singer-Songwriter — I was booking all of my own tours, straight up cold calling and emailing people for meetings & co-writes, searching for graphic designers who could do amazing work that I could actually afford, connecting with wardrobe stylists & hair/makeup artists, dealing with merch. designs and ordering, figuring out how/where to release music, navigating the world of Copyright and Performing Rights Organizations… — You get the picture… — By forging and setting myself onto my own D.I.Y. Indie Musician path, I realized how much I truly had a passion for Artist Management & Public Relations. 

I made the move to Nashville in 2013 to focus on the industry side of things. — I began working at SESAC, one of the three largest P.R.O.’s. in the United States, where I gained a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Copyright, Licensing, Royalties, and most importantly, fighting for the rights of Songwriters. — During that time I was still working with a couple of indie rock bands on the side but knew I wanted to make the move into full time Public Relations and Brand Management. I landed an internship with a Nashville-based Branding Company and was quickly added to the Staff full-time as Brand Manager where I was honored to work with some amazing clients who worked with Artists and Brands such as Reba McEntire, Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson, Dolly Parton, RCA Studio A, HGTV, TEDx, Intuitive Entertainment, The Today Show, and LIONSGATE, to name a few. 


In the Fall of 2019 I launched my own boutique PR + Management company, Lady Savage Entertainment. My mission is to help independent Artists, Bands, Songwriters, and Creative Entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality, too... In a real life, cost-effective, get things done, artist friendly, no big flashy gimmicks, kind of way - the Lady Savage way.