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Glasse Factory: Putting Trust in Those Untrustworthy - Marina City’s “Glaze”

Rebekah Moseley · September 1, 2022

A song about deception, “Glaze” from Marina City is told from the viewpoint of a very manipulative character who is trying to convince the listener to trust them, and in the end to confine their entire being to them. The single released on August 31st, and follows previous tracks such as “Youth” and “Runaways.”

Ryan Argast is joined by Eric Somers-Urrea on drums, Matthew Gaudiano on keys, and guitarist Todor Birindjiev; the four of them make up the electric Alternative Rock band that is Marina City. With dark brooding production, genre-bending prowess, and powerful vocal delivery, they are a refreshing indie rock band that reflects a melting pot of influences. Since breaking into the alt-pop scene in 2019, the actively touring ensemble found themselves selling out headlining shows and sharing the stage with Judah and The Lion, Lovelytheband, Coin, and Joywave.

“Glaze” introduces its audience to a world of low tones and a mysteriously unsettling aura. The vocals, lead by a moody electronic beat, slyly tell its listeners of how they are scared, alone, and have nothing to loose by stepping forward and making a few decisions that they normally wouldn’t. There are promises being thrown around of being saved, such inquires obviously being wrapped in a deeply-rooted malison, but with no other way to turn, what other choice is there to make?

It’s easy to see that “Glaze” goes full force in describing the real dangers when putting all your trust in an untrustworthy source, and this is fully realized by the actual sirens in the instrumental going off at the lyric that says “no one’s gonna love you like the way I’m loving you” and “don’t run away.” The villainous take that this track leads is extraordinarily interesting, and it absolutely would be a shame for audiences to skip over its creative artistry.

Marina City can be followed for more on Instagram and Facebook.


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