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Nashville Scene Critics' Picks - 'VOYAGE: A LIVE VISUAL ALBUM' at Darkhorse Theatre

We’re used to bands performing a new LP track-for-track live at a release-day gig. But that formula would mean thinking too small for the aesthetically ambitious local interdisciplinary artist Sarah Saturday — the creative force behind the Gardening, Not Architecture musical project. GNA’s music marries groovy space pop to intimate lyrics about inner landscapes made of memories, aspirations, connection and surrender. Voyage: A Live Visual Album combines all of these in a live theatrical performance that’s drenched in trippy imagery thanks to a selection of bespoke short experimental movies created by local filmmaker and regular GNA collaborator Dycee Wildman. Voyage is a performance (a solo Saturday over prerecorded tracks) of a psychedelic and soulful song cycle. But it’s also a stage play, and a spoken-word happening — and also a dance recital and an interactive cinema event. I’m always more interested in the spaces in between art categories and creative techniques, and Saturday’s entire imaginative enterprise revels in liminalities and ambiguities. GNA has previewed Voyage at a recent residency at Coop and at the Far Out Flix experimental film event that kicked off Far Out Fest back in July. Here’s a firsthand review: Don’t miss this. Aug. 3-5 at Darkhorse Theater, 4610 Charlotte Ave.

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