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POPMUZIK Review: Ren Richards - "Cautious"

Singer-songwriter Ren Richards from Nashville in the USA debuted in 2021 with the single My all and has since then slowly and surely built his career with his honest songs.

Now Ren is current with the single Cautious . A song where the singer processes the time after a difficult breakup and moving forward as a person but also daring to open up to someone else again. The singer tells the blog.

“I had come out of a bad breakup and took some time to heal, be alone and learn to love myself. The thought of letting someone new in and letting them get close to me was a terrifying thought. Although I was curious to take that step, the hesitation was super prominent and that's where Cautious was born.”

The production of the song is strong radio pop in the style of big 90s names like Alanis Morissette and Sheryl Crow . In other words, straight songs and melodies.

The video for Cautious is directed by Adam Settle , where we see the singer walking the city at night, which is interspersed with clips from an apartment in red neon light.


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