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Wolf In A Suit | Listen: "Cautious" by Ren Richards

US-based indie singer/songwriter Ren Richards comes to Wolf in a Suit with the relatable sonic creation that is “Cautious”. With this wonderful showcase of feelings and emotions she gives life to a tale that explores that strange moment in which your heart is still healing but you want to take a step to get close to someone. The track embraces the many questions and fears that rise up in a way that just connects the dots and makes you feel as if the story was as much yours as it is hers.

There’s something about “Cautious” that just knows how to speak to our hearts and souls from the moment we press play, giving us that push to move forward. So listen closely and fall prey to the inspiring magic of this stunning must-listen gem. Enjoy!

“I had gotten out of a bad breakup and took some time to heal, be alone, and learn to love myself. The idea of letting somebody new in and letting them get close to me was a scary thought. Even though I was curious about taking that step, the hesitation was super prominent, and that’s where ‘Cautious’ was born.” - Ren Richards


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