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American Songwriter Magazine Exclusive Song Premiere: Don Pedigo & The Coyotes -"I Miss Mississippi"

Madeline Crone | American Songwriter Magazine | May 27, 2020

“Just when I thought I might have to cut an ear off, I regained control of my music,” shared Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Don Pedigo, about the long road to his latest work. Today, he shares an exclusive premiere of “I Miss Mississippi” from his highly-anticipated forthcoming album. The punchy single will be available everywhere June 5th. 

Hailing from the Heartland, Pedigo drew early influence from his mother’s piano, echoing through his rural farmhouse. His father’s impressive collection of country and folk vinyl were stepping stones into his musical career. By 13, he landed a spot in a local rock band and has continued onward since. 

Shortly after he arrived in Nashville, Pedigo linked up with some of the Music City’s finest. With an equal dose of luck and hustle, Pedigo was introduced to Larry Crane, former guitarist for fellow Mid-Westerner, John Mellencamp. The pair cut a demo together that found its way into the hands of the legendary Earl Bud Lee. Lee then filled in as a mentor, publisher, and producer for the aspiring artist. In 2006, Pedigo released his first studio album, What Was I Running From. His hit single, “Mama’s Wedding Gown,” followed. 

“I Miss Mississippi” comes on the heels of “Black Carpet” released earlier this month. Both singles are part of a new project; a follow up to 2014’s The Cross Eyes Sessions. The years between were filled with mourning and re-discovery after Pedigo lost his son. The record was already complete ahead of this tragedy and was released six months after. Pedigo decided to tour the album in the wake of his loss and recalls the experience being very difficult. He shared that all of those tough moments led him to where he is now, on both a musical and personal level. 

 After spending some much-needed time out west, this new single marks a new chapter for the singer-songwriter. Joining forces with his backing band, The Coyotes marks a turning point. “I have dreamed my whole life for a band to come together that believes wholeheartedly in what I do,” Pedigo, now a frontman, explained about the union. “We’ve found each other, and when you hear us, you’ll know. 

The upcoming record is composed of songs Pedigo has had in the queue. “It’s like some kind of lyrical stew,” Pedigo explained of his new project. “I’ve stepped through quite a few doors these past few years. Those feelings many times find their way into songs and performances.”

Pedigo is most excited to share “Lost In You” from the upcoming album. “I think I finally wrote a song good enough to sing to my lady that is about her,” explained the artist. The song is sparse and simple in production, a stylistic preference of the vetted musician. “I hope listeners will gravitate towards its honesty,” he shared, “I guarantee the melody is gonna fly.”

Like much of the world, the pandemic has put a kink in Pedigo’s release plans. He feels that most of his career has been waiting, but recognizes he is not alone in that fact or feeling. The songwriter shared he has an abundance of music to release and plans to deliver music to his patient, dedicated fans.

 “I owe them some promises,” he admitted about his fans. “How we will continue to deliver live remains to be seen but, I will be available in whatever form there is.” For now, that is Livestream solo shows on social media.“Maybe soon, we’ll be safe enough to plug the whole band in and stream.”

Listen exclusively to “I Miss Mississippi” below and pre-save Don Pedigo’s latest single here.


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