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Get To Know: Swedish-American Singer-Songwriter Steffi Jeraldo Releases New Single ‘Cartwheels’


As of today, October 8th, Swedish-American country artist Steffi Jeraldo has dropped her first solo release of the year: a warm, golden acoustic ballad titled “Cartwheels.”

With the bright, forward timbre of Lee Ann Womack and Alison Krauss and the rich tonality of Deana Carter, Jeraldo’s voice on “Cartwheels” is innocent, soulful, and strong.

She effortlessly mixes the styles of country, pop, and folk to tell a lyrical story of how much it can hurt to bend over backwards in order to keep someone around. Her delicate voice and lyrics highlight the dichotomies of stubbornness and vulnerability, determination and defeat. “Cartwheels” is a heart-wrenching song all about holding on a little tighter after the other person has already let go.

Described as a chameleon storyteller via The Sutler Saloon, Jeraldo has written not only all of her own music, but for other artists ranging in genres from country to K-Pop. This diversity in songwriting could be thanks to her own diverse background; she was born and raised in Sweden as the child of Romanian and Chilean immigrants.

In 2011, she won Sweden’s Musik Direkt competition for young artists, and the following year left for the States to study Songwriting at Berklee College of Music. This makeup, coupled with the many musical collaborations she has made since her 2016 move to Nashville, creates a huge range of inspirations and backgrounds for Jeraldo to pull from.

Her vocal and songwriting talent shine through on “Cartwheels”, allowing the listener to sit comfortable inside each phrase and find a home in her words. Her music is carefully crafted to hold emotion and yearns for human connection.

As with any young gifted songwriter like Jeraldo, the sky is the limit as they say.


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