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Author: Daniel Coston | Media: Tangents Magazine | May 22, 2017

Sometimes, things will happen as they should, given time. For Nashville-based musicians David Brown and Ryan Pattengale, the two had played together in various bands for years without a thought of forming their own band. All that changed in 2015 when they joined forces to create Sweettalker. 

"Ryan and I were in different bands that toured around,” says Brown. “Later, Ryan moved to Nashville, which is where I was already living. We started writing songs together and decided to put a band together a couple of years ago. We started touring, right out of the gate."

"The music is interesting,” concurs Pattengale, who lived in Charlotte for a couple of years during the 2000s. “It’s a marriage of what we were good at, which was a hard, heavy, aggressive sound, and marrying it with harmonies and good lyrics. These songs have taken different forms over the last few years. We’re self-managed and learning to keep up with the industry and where it is now."

While the band has been working on building a touring base, they have been doing so with only a handful of songs released online and without a full-length album. "We’re playing these songs out, playing them live,” adds Brown. "We just record them and put them out there. One day, if it makes sense to make a record, we will."

"We can get a larger kind of buzz and get people talking about a single” says Pattengale. “And then, three or four months later, we can do it again. We can build on that momentum." 

Both have also been enjoying the current music scene in Nashville. "People think of Nashville, and they think ‘country,’” says Brown. "There’s a rock ’n’ roll scene that’s really growing right now, and it’s a really great platform for independent artists. At the same time, there are five thousand shows in Nashville every week. So if you’re going to get people to come out to your show, you have to give them something. It creates an environment for putting your best foot forward, right off the bat."

"You’re always rubbing shoulders with big names,” says Pattengale. "You’re in the big leagues, and you better know how to play your guitar."

What are they looking forward to the most? Both say in near unison: “The unknown.” "If I could put my finger on what I’m most excited about, then it wouldn’t be that exciting,” adds Pattengale. "Just the idea that someone talked to somebody and said, 'Hey, you need to check this band out. You need to see them live.' And then they do come to our show, and they do like it, and they give us the opportunity to do something that we wouldn’t have had the chance to do. That’s all unknown, and that’s what I’m most excited about. That’s what I live for. Making the next step. I want to go to Europe. Things I don’t actually have planned, That’s what I’m looking forward to."

Sweettalker will play at The Station at 2131 Central Ave. on Saturday, May 27.


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