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Coming Up: SWEETTALKER at The Nick

Author: Josh Phillips | Media: Magic City Bands | July 21, 2017


Summer is here. Not that anyone it Birmingham needs to be reminded of this fact with temperatures in the nineties on any given day. Summer in the South brings many long-running traditions that have us willingly battling the heat to enjoy. The grass cutting, swimming holes, beach trips, and barbecues all have one necessary ingredient aside from a cold beer. That ingredient is a killer playlist, undoubtedly packed with new and old Southern rock favorites. On July 22, The Nick, is hosting a newcomer that is sure to fit perfectly on that summer playlist: the Nashville-based group Sweettalker.

The band is formed of a group of friends and family that took off as soon as they began playing together. Brothers Hayden and Ryan Pettengale grew up playing in bands. In 2015, Ryan and David brown started writing music together and were able to bring in friends, Chris Heaton and Jordan Harazin to complete the Swettalker lineup.

Sweettalker launched on the Nashville scene in early 2016 with a debut single and music video, “Jenny.” This attracted quite a bit of attention from several industry publications like Highlight Magazine and Under The Gun Review that spurred the band to the road, touring across Southern and Midwestern states. This first hit outlined the band’s sound, featuring a “riffy rock’n’roll” approach with a natural Southern influence that displays their Nashville roots proudly.

David Brown describes their approach to writing as “aiming to write and play music that lands somewhere between our passion for fun, and our respect for the master songwriters that have come before.” Following up on the band’s first success, “Jenny,” the band released “Medusa” later that year.

The band is proud to announce that they just release a new single, “’95,” available for a listen here. Give them a listen and blast it proudly when it makes its way to your summer playlist.

This is the band’s first time in the Magic City. They will be gracing The Nick stage at 9 p.m. on July 22. We hope to see you in the crowd sipping on the band’s prescribed beverage, the Champagne of beers. They assure us all that “You’ll hear us play some loud guitar riffs, alongside a few vibey slow tunes.”

Sweettalker will be joined by The Breton Sound, The Threads, and Famous by February. The Nick is located at 2514 10th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205.


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