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Music Mecca: Leah Jean Gets Spooky On Music Video For Her New Bedroom Pop Single ‘Stalker'


Blending dreamy vocals and lo-fi experimental production, Nashville-based artist and jazz guitarist Leah Jean has dropped her newest single, “Stalker,” officially out October 28th.

The haunting indie folk-pop groover offers a bit of a twist in the title, as she she is not being stalked by a person, but rather a feeling. “I took the idea of being ‘stalked’ by fear and melancholy and ran with it,” Jean shares.

The stellar bedroom-style production of “Stalker” continues to pull the listener deeper into the slightly eerie, jazzy-pop world that Jean has created. Starting with her lulled voice and tactful jazz guitar skills, she is able to create an intimate space to express herself.

“Stalker” is the latest single from Jean’s upcoming debut album, Creatures In The Room, which will be available December 2nd.

“Stalker” heightens to a place where it begins to take shape, and the world that was neatly set up is now purposely torn out from under the listener. Modern inspirations such as Billie Eilish and Phoebe Bridgers are evident, and shine through in Jean’s darker, melancholic tone and pensive production.

Regarding the spooky accompanying music video, Jean said, “I have a recurring theme in my music videos of making friends with the things that haunt me. For ‘Stalker’, I wanted to step further into the horror realm and create a genuinely scary character that literally stalks me throughout the video. Avid horror fans, Sara (videographer) and Keenan (the Stalker man!) were the perfect hires for this project.”

She went on to say, “We filmed the video in my apartment, and I remember hoping my neighbors didn’t look out of their windows during the outdoor shots with Keenan. Much like my anxiety and depression, the ‘Stalker’ is a scary, ever-looming presence, but at the end of the day, I make peace with him.”

Jean’s honest songwriting and storytelling is angled at sharing her heartfelt emotions about struggles with anxiety and depression. “I want people who also live with various ‘creatures’ in their minds to feel held by this record,” she said regarding the upcoming release. With over ten years of jazz guitar training and a penchant for indie bedroom pop production, Leah Jean harnesses a one-of-a-kind sound.

Jean has her album release show at sometimes in Nashville on the day of her album release, December 2nd from 8-11. RSVP’ing to the party through the link in her IG will enter you into a special merch pack giveaway at the release party.


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