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Music + Perspective: Heather Batchelor - 'Let's Get Into It' LIVE @ The Treehouse

Nashville based artist, Heather Batchelor, has a soulful voice with polished melodies yielding effortless listening.

Who We Are Deep Down EP was released on October 23, 2020 and displays her deeply rooted songwriting capabilities with a side of groove. The four-track EP is honest with dynamic and feel-good sonic qualities. Track four, “Let’s Get Into It,” is completely catchy, featuring lively backing vocals, snazzy bass, and a taste of jazz.

In December 2020, Heather released a live version of the track at The Treehouse in Nashville. The stripped-back version emphasizes her passion for performing and highlights her contagious positive energy. Backed with highly satisfying polished guitar work, the acoustic setting allows for her vocals to shine. Heather looks completely comfortable in her sound and radiates a vibrant spirit.


“‘Let’s Get Into It’ started as just a chorus. I had the melody and the lyrics but couldn’t find the right guitar chords. So I called up Mitchell Proctor, who I’d recently met at a writer’s round. I sang what I was hearing in my head and he played. The jazz chords he came up with were the perfect fit. From there, the rest fell into place. I doubled over with laughter when Mitchell suggested I sing “messy” like “messaaay” in the bridge. And, talking through the song’s inspiration helped us carve out the verses. We’ve all experienced the reluctance to show who we really are in the beginning of a relationship. But the older I get, the less I wanna hold back.” – Heather Batchelor


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