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Nashville Music Reviews: Heather Batchelor | "Catch and Release"

by Jerrett Franklin for Nashville Music Reviews | October 29, 2020

Heather Batchelor is a Nashville based artist and singer-songwriter. Growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas, Heather says when she was a young child that “singing felt more natural than talking. Music expresses emotions so much clearer than words alone. So, songwriting became my therapy. It’s how I connect to the world and the people around me.”

Heather is back with a new single, “Catch and Release,” off of her newly released EP, Who We Are Deep Down. Right off of the bat, instrumentally, the new song gives off major John Mayer vibes. This sets the stage for some mesmerizing vocals. Her voice is very reminiscent of Sara Bareilles. The way she migrates from her low notes to her full chest voice to head voice and falsetto, is very impressive. If you are a fan of chill, bluesy/country inspired music, check out Heather Batchelor below. Her new EP is available now on all major streaming platforms and can be streamed below!


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