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New Noise Magazine | Track Premiere: Bridget Rian - 'Pontiac Vibe'

Ahead of the July 16 release of her debut EP, Talking to Ghosts, Nashville-based Bridget Rian is premiering one of the tracks off her dark and delicate debut, titled Pontiac Vibe.

The previous singles released ahead of the EP act as a testament to Rian’s unique sound, which fuses elements of indie rock, alternative pop, and classic, Americana instrumentals.

Rian talked about the title of the new collection and the themes surrounding the EP: “I wanted to name the EP Talking to Ghosts because in every song, I am either talking to someone who has died, my past self, or talking about ghosts. There are also some old, interesting family stories about me as a baby talking to ghosts … so it’s a topic close to my heart.”

The project fittingly explores themes of the human condition, mortality, loss, and nostalgia. The singer-songwriter, raised in New York, is often comforting in her storytelling and dreamy vocal delivery.

Rian said that the newest single, “Pontiac Vibe,” is a reflection of her life and the lives of others, constantly moving, and the parts of our lives the passing characters often don’t get to witness:

“It might be the New Yorker in me but, I feel like people are always rushing through their day to day, always running from one thing to the next, angry if anything delays them or gets in their way. When we are stuck in traffic, and an ambulance forces us to pull over, do we ever think about the people inside, or do we just get mad that we are late to our prior engagement? This song makes me face my humanity and my own anonymity. Where is everyone rushing to? Who are those people? Do they have families? Does anyone wonder who I am or where I am going?”

Preorder Talking To Ghosts here, and listen to the song “Pontiac Vibe” below:

For more from Bridget Rian, find her on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Photo courtesy of Bridget Rian and Libby Danforth.


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