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The Set Up Series Podcast: "Nashville Is Not Just Country Music" w/ Mimi & Muziqueen

When you hear 'Nashville,' what do you envision? Cowboy boots, honky tonks, country music... But Nashville has so much more to offer than Country Music. Nashville has a huge hub for musicians yet there are many under- represented voices in Music Row. It's not called Music City for nothing! The founders of Nashville Is Not Just Country Music, Thalia Ewing (aka The Muziqueen) and Mimi McCarley, is empowered by the Urban scene in Nashville. In this episode, they share the importance of education for R&B, Hip Hop, and Urban communities to thrive in a traditionally country music business infrastructure, while bridging the gap in Music Row to represent non Country musicians. Muziqueen developed her career on the business side of publishing, copyright clearance, and royalty processing, currently at BMG. Mimi came from the creative side in songwriting and producing. The two initially joined forces on a few publishing projects and quickly learned that they had a shared vision: a reality in which Nashville’s Urban music community had access to resources, information, opportunity, and economic stability — the same things that the Country Music machine provides for its artists and industry professionals. In 2014, they founded Nashville Is Not Just Country Music and set about creating space for the people they were working with. They built the organization to provide a resource hub for Nashville creators and execs in Urban, R&B, pop, hip-hop, rock, and other non-country genres.


“The first goal is how to get the door open”

-- 5:00 Meet Mimi & Muziqueen: Creative & Business 12:30 Nashville is Not Just Country Music 21:00 Does Music Row Reflect Music City? 29:00 Songwriter Process for Publishing 36:30 Split Sheets for Royalty Collection 46:00 Ways to Prepare Your Music to Pitch 54:00 Registering Your Music



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