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Underground Music Collective | LISTEN: Bridget Rian's Somber Tribute to a Friend


Losing a loved one to addiction is one of the most difficult parts of the human experience. Bridget Rian expresses this pain in her devastating new single, “Funeral.”

“Funeral” is a beautiful, yet somber finger-picked ballad with a striking vulnerability in Bridget’s vocals. Produced by Paul Moak (Caitlyn Smith, Carolina Story, Liz Longley) and recorded at The Smoakstack in Nashville, TN, the single is included on Bridget’s upcoming EP, Talking to Ghosts (set for release July 16).

“This song is extremely personal to me. It was written as an apology to someone I was once close with. It is me begging for forgiveness and coming to terms with my own guilt,” she said. “I wrote this song to heal myself. In turn, I hope this song will help heal others. It is dedicated in memory of anyone who has lost their battle with addiction and those who loved them.“

“Funeral” has become staple of Bridget’s live set, and one whose meaning provides fans with their own catharsis.

“This song takes on new life every time I play it. Whenever I play this song in public, someone from the audience comes up to talk to me about this specific song after the show,” she said. “They share their stories on how addiction has affected their life and loved ones. They share memories of people they lost.”

Indeed, “Funeral” is another example of how music connects us all — through the highs and lows. Stream it below.


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