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WPGM: Chicago Band Marina City Unveil Brand New Single ‘Runaways’

by WPGM Staff · July 25, 2022

Chicago based alt pop band Marina City is back with “Runaways”, the second single from their upcoming ARG album The Simulation.

In 2019, Marina City burst into the alternative pop scene, only one year later, they were already selling out their headline concerts. The band have also shared the stage with brilliant artists such as Judah and The Lion, Lovelytheband, Coin, and Joywave, alongside partnering with the likes of Chicago Bulls and Chicago Bears, and going live on WGN News.

Only two weeks after the release of the 2020 EP The Crush, the pandemic cancelled the band’s plan to take the record on the road, pushing them to rebuild with their roots and reconnect with their fans.

The quartet tried new experiences for fans, from performing right in front of fans’ houses in the Road Show, to a special event for Valentine’s Day, where fans were able to participate in the creation of custom songs, to welcoming fan into their own houses.

So far this year, Marina City has launched the Kickstarter-backed alternative reality game and record, The Simulation as an interactive and immersive game. Based on the themes of societal distrust, mental health, and redemption, the album The Simulation also has the particularity of being referred to an Alternate Reality Game (ARG).

Speaking about this concept, they state “By participating in the accompanying ARG, fans/players will experience the emotional themes presented in each song firsthand. We hope that the album and the accompanying ARG will be a great way to bring fans closer to Marina City, expose new people to our music, and most importantly be an exciting experience

According to the band, “Runaways” is “about two unlikely teenagers who fall in love over the shared misery of their lives. Pushed to their brink they run away, find comfort in each other, and develop a dangerous pact […] the single is the climax of the record highlighting the struggles of trying to break free. Running away can’t fix their internal issues that were developed from the environment they grew up in“.

Listen to “Runaways” here:

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